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The lowdown on college, what you've always wanted to know!
The College Lowdown is a podcast made by and featuring low-income and/or first generation students in higher education, focusing on their struggles, successes, and everything in between. Listen, Engage, Love, and Succeed! :D

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The College Lowdown #011 - (42:30) 38.91 MB
WE ARE BACK!!! Sergio, Ashley, and Rodrigo are thrilled to take part in this episode as we discuss some challenges of studying abroad, transitioning from one year to the next, personal growth throughout the year, and we share our one piece of advice to incoming first-years at Pomona and everywhere else. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much we enjoyed getting back into the groove. As always, email us any comments and questions to

The College Lowdown - Summer #001 - (49:26) 45.27 MB
It's the summer and classes are over, but some of us are still here, so we bring you a summer version of The College Lowdown. In this episode we talk about summer jobs and activities on campus, dealing with summer and beginning of college expenses, making friends, and getting involved once the semester starts. We also discuss classes briefly, and talk about what it's like to meet with professors outside of the classroom. Whether you're coming to Claremont or going somewhere else, there's plenty of advice here for all incoming freshmen. We hope you enjoy it!

The College Lowdown #010 - (55:24) 50.73 MB
This is the next to last episode of the semester, and we are super excited to be back! In this episode we cover some questions from our #1 Fan Samuel, and we comment on the huge enrollment numbers that we have for the 2018 class. Also, taking care of yourself during finals, a little talk on Alumni Weekend, and a peek at what Pomona used to be like from what we've gathered. Thanks again for staying with us this year! Don't forget to stay tuned for next week, a couple of summer episodes, and next semester. As always, keep sending questions to!

The College Lowdown #009 - (56:19) 51.57 MB
Episode 9: Where Ashley and Della discuss the trials and tribulations of being a sophomore and Rodrigo dutifully listens. Learn how experiences and college life shift and change as you get higher in higher education. It's kind of funny, but also a bit serious because, these are our futures. We hope that you will be able to think positively and hopefully about your own future while listening. Also in this episodes: Bad teachers, and a mini-discussion on career development. Thanks!!!

The College Lowdown #008 - (1:07:14) 61.56 MB
We're back, folks! Today's episode features two lovely guests, Dulce and King, who tell us the inside scoop on being abroad while being low-income. Listen in for all the issues and caveats with studying abroad that no blog ever mentions, and hear some beautiful... nature sounds too (you'll see what I mean if you tune in!). Also, I have added the times for each question if you are interested in hearing certain answers, and we'll be doing this from now on for your convenience. Don't you just love us? 0:00 - 5:47 - We introduce ourselves and do a silly quiz 5:48 - King and Dulce describe their programs 7:58 - What was the cost of living? 16:28 - Could you find work? 19:33 - Did you feel comfortable sharing your low-income status with the other students on your program? 26:57 - How were the academics? 34:16 - How was the city? 39:20 - Any other low-income students? 43:42 - Your favorite memory? (which goes into talk about culture shocks, and the "nature sounds") Thanks for listening, don't forget to like us on Facebook (The College Lowdown) and send us your questions to! Happy Tuesday!

The College Lowdown Bonus #1 - (16:32) 15.14 MB
This isn't really an episode; we have yet to edit the 9th episode because FINALS WEEKS GUYS. I'm sure you've already clicked through your share of *insert show/movie* GIF sets on BuzzFeed highlighting the emotions that finals week cultivates, and believe me, they are all true. But we don't wanna leave you all hanging, especially not in the month of giving! SO, feast your ears on our VERY FIRST recording together! This was the test that a few of us did in preparation for the podcast around early October this year. It's very short, but sweet. And kind of hilarious in retrospect. Hopefully you all can stay afloat in the next coming days, but if not, use this mini-podcast as a lifejacket. :)

The College Lowdown #007 - (1:09:26) 63.57 MB
Episode 7: We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and injure-free Black Friday and tranquil Cyber Monday! This week we discuss what it is like having to "out" yourself as low-income to your high-income peers. Low-income students are the minority in higher education and you will undoubtedly have to deal with telling someone about your background when in college, so this episode covers a lot of important ground. We hope that by telling you what it was like for us you might be able to better deal with informing your future classmates about your status. Enjoy and send us feedback at!

The College Lowdown #006 - (1:11:28) 65.44 MB
Episode 6: This week we've got a special guest from Scripps College! Ooooh, I know, I know. It's mega exciting. We also talk about a variety of things including the QuestBridge App, some of our favorite answers we put, and our parents reactions to us being at college. It's all pretty fantastic. :)

The College Lowdown #005 - (1:20:33) 73.76 MB
Episode 5: It's been a week, but we are back! The show this week focuses on our random stories about living in dorms at college, and all the interesting nuances in that experience that come with living at Pomona. We also briefly discuss our financial aid packages. It's all good stuff! P.S.: Please excuse the odd squeaky noises; that was Sergio playing with the chair's spinney cup holder. He's a doofus.

The College Lowdown #004 - (1:29:22) 81.83 MB
Episode 4: In honor of Halloween, the College Lowdown discusses one of the most frightening things of all: SAT and ACT! *shivers* We also talk about other various topics and share silly stories... we're sure you'll enjoy it. :) And a shoutout/thanks to Samuel E. for his awesomesauce questions!!

The College Lowdown #003 - (1:21:54) 74.99 MB
Episode 3: The College Lowdown is classy this week... mostly because we discuss classism at Pomona College and the Claremont Colleges in general. Join us for a lively discussion about working on campus, classism, and its effect on our lives as students! Remember, if you wanna contribute some questions, send them our way at! Thanks for listening!

The College Lowdown #002 - (1:26:26) 79.15 MB
Episode 2 focuses on the application process of college, which is pretty much the only way to get into any college. While we do answer some questions that would involve those from a lower income background and/or are applying through QuestBridge, we also discuss general information that will benefit students from all backgrounds. We hope you enjoy, and remember to send us more questions and comments to P.S.: Congrats to all QuestBridge finalists!!! And if you are not a finalist, WORRY NOT. I (Della) wasn't a finalist, but I forwarded my app for regular decision, and am currently attending Pomona on a near full scholarship. Have hope my friends. :)

The College Lowdown #001 - (1:18:46) 72.13 MB
Episode One: How to get there when it seems unattainable? Listen as we answer questions of various students around the community—what the experience of a low-income student is at an elite college and tips and tricks to ensure our survival. Link List of things we talked about:,_Georgia,_California,_California,_California